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Why is my pump system in alarm?

     A pump system alarm means your system has failed in some way or another. Please follow this guide at your own discretion or call Upstream Pump Service Ltd. for advice and/or a service request to have a Certified Pump Technician for an on-site diagnosis and repair if necessary.

Why is my pump running, but not pumping water?

     If your sump pump is running but not moving any water, you could be suffering from a number of issues. Give us a call and we can make sure you don't cause any further damage to your pump equipment.

What is a sump pump and what is it for?

How do you know if your sump pump isn't working?

Are sump pumps necessary?

How often do you need to replace your sump pump?

How do you clean out a sump pump?

Who works on sump pumps?



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